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Confidently go from idea to launch for your Metaverse, DAO, NFT, Marketplace and other Web3 projects.

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Strategy & Consulting

We help business build their Web3 strategy and plan their build and go to market strategy. From concept to go launch.


We build Mobile and Web Applications that takes full advantages of Web3 and the implementation of Smart Contracts.


We help you market your project with Viral tools and Paid Advertising. We craft Digital Marketing Funnels that drives Conversion.

Companies we've worked with

Web3 is taking off

Innovation in Web3 is thriving. While there’s a lot of unknown it is the right time to innovate and bring to market ideas that were not possible with web 2.0. The leaders in the marketplace will also be the ones to maximise the opportunities.

A winning project

Our goal is to delivery fast, agile and robust systems that you can rely on. We use our bring to market testing methodologies to see the viability of the ideas and the community response so as to craft a perfect go to market product.

Our Process

Ideation and Testing

Our first step is to determine if the idea is viable. We use our lean testing methodologies to quickly test and implement your idea into an MVP.


We use an agile development approach. What this means is that we build systems that are flexible to changes during the development process.


We are expert at digital marketing. We can help you promote your project to your audience through paid ads and marketing funnels.

About us

Our values are the driving force behind everything we do at Little Elephant Digital Agency.

About us

Our Journey

Our Journey

We are a boutique Software Development and Digital Marketing Agency based in Redding California. Our team has been building apps since the release of the iPhone 3 and our primary clients have been in the FinTech Industry. In 2010 we realised the need to grow also in the Digital Market Space as the competition in the digital space kept increasing.

Our goal was to be able to provide human centric software that would allow our apps to be easy to use and practical. At the same time we wanted to make sure that we were able to implement digital marketing conversion practices through out the customer experience to the benefit of the creators of the applications.

In 2020 we started to shift our focus to web3. We saw the need to create technology that would allow for the benefit of people and communities instead of the few corporations that held the monopoly.

We started building NFT Projects and generating thousands of unique artworks. Creating utility around those NFTs and new technologies that resolved problems in the marketplace.

Building marketplaces for NFTs to avoid secondary marketplaces and retain the control of the purpose of the NFTs.

Development of DAO’s (Decentralized Autonomous Organisations) to be able to manage the governing of projects.

Building Metaverses for communities where we see a future for more connections around the world.

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